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About Michaels Marine Electric

“Today we live in a world of specialization.  While there are some drawbacks to this condition, there are also definite advantages, specifically, with regards to your boat and its’ electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration and waste management systems.”

Those words were written for our very first tri-fold single page hand outs in 1987!  They were true then and with the passage of time hold more weight now than ever before.

We were “ahead of the curve” as specialists then and remain so today.  Technology and techniques have grown and evolved and we are proud to say that we have grown with them. 

Our technicians have undergone rigorous training and testing in the above mentioned areas and maintain accredited certification from the American Boat and Yacht Council.  We keep abreast of progress in all applicable technologies as they evolve and grow to be able to give you the most professional service and sound advice.  To that end, our field staff is required by us, not by law, to re-certify in the above fields every five years.

Whereas back in 1987 you would have been hard pressed to find certain “specialists” let alone those with accredited, industry recognized training and certification – today, we find that most manufacturers require “ABYC certified” technicians to install and service their equipment.  In many instances, failure to do so will void a “factory warranty”.  In addition, today you will find insurance companies require certified specialists to inspect boats to protect both your best interests and theirs.

We are dealers for the following product lines:

  • Raritan Engineering Products
  • Dometic / Marine Air Systems
  • Dometic / Cruisair
  • Charles Chargers
  • Stealth Charging Systems
  • Power Pole
  • Paneltronics Load Centers
  • Blue Sea
  • Professional Mariner

We use only the finest support equipment in terms of cable, cable ties, wire terminals, straps, stainless fasteners, and sealant, etc. 

Manufacturers of just a few of these items include:

  • Thomas and Betts
  • 3M
  • AMP
  • Hubbell
  • Marinco

Why Us?

At Michaels Marine Electric, we offer a wide array of equipment related to your boat’s AC / DC electrical systems.  Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed all USCG regulations and ABYC standards.  We also perform troubleshooting, modification, design and repair of most marine electrical systems.

Our primary service area includes all of Southern New Jersey from Manasquan on the east to Bordentown on the west, along the Delaware River and down the coast to Cape May.  We also service select areas on the Chesapeake Bay traveling as far south as Georgetown, Maryland.

What We Offer

We offer professional design / sales / installations and service in the following fields:

  • AC Electrical Systems,  DC Electrical Systems (and all related devices and appliances)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Waste Treatment

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